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ATNAM, located in Houston, Texas, is a custom engineering and comprehensive manufacturing company offering engineering solutions and products to suit the specific needs of industries facing a forever changing complex environment.


With over 75 years of experience, ATNAM can accelerate the development needs for it’s customers products by offering industry-leading knowledge and technical expertise to a variety of industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, automotive and pharmaceutical. We realize that our customers are of primary importance and with that in mind, we work closely with them to measure the progress and ultimate success whether it be by delivering a customized engineering solution, a newly developed or existing product or contract manufacturing including other such services as welding and surface finish improvements.


Our qualified engineers and skilled machinists have adapted their expertise and knowledge to the art of precision machining by utilizing the latest technologies in machinery and tooling. This has resulted in a reliance upon exceptional quality for not only our own line manufactured products but also our customers component requirements whether they be large or small.


From start to finish, ATNAM ensures that all our  services are planned and controlled under a well documented Quality System that provides reliable inspection procedures and rigorous record keeping.  This discipline is manifested to assure our customers that all our products and services will either meet or exceed their requirements and expectations.


We welcome the opportunity to service your requirements and to prove ourselves a worthy and valuable source of supply to your company.