Over the years, a variety of industries have demanded an stringent quality standard for the surface finishes of their metal components. Many of them are especially concerned with residual flecks of metal and other contaminants that can inhibit the proper functioning of the component or become the primary cause for contamination. The electro-polishing process has proved to be effective in removing micro burrs and other surface contaminants that may break loose after machining. In addition, electro-polishing greatly improves corrosion resistance which is especially critical for welded assemblies that are exposed to a variety of external and internal conditions in situ. ATNAM provides these electro-polishing and passivation services to ensure a variety of smooth surfaces and contaminate free products.


Should a need exist for your machined part to be coated as a corrosion inhibitor or improvement of surface hardness to increase wear resistance or lubricity or for the preparation of the surface to be further coated, ATNAM has the in house facility to provide these conversion coating processes.