Should your  requirements necessitate the need for our welding services, ATNAM can offer such service in accordance with the desired standards and codes mandated. All ATNAM welders are certified under ASME and are experienced in fabrication and construction and can perform welding services on all grades of materials including CMn Steels through to AISI 4130, CrMo’s, F6NM, and Duplex Stainless Steel.


ATNAM utilizes an extensive range of procedures and techniques for weld inlay and weld overlay cladding applications. ATNAM is approved by ASME for the weld of clad components, maintaining both Div1 U and Div2 U2 protocols. Weld inlays and weld overlays can be carried out for final machining by our customers or within our extensive machining facility.


NDT, post weld heat treatment and final certification are available to meet customer requirements and specifications.